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Kit Vinsick

(also credited as Christina Vinsick)


SAG-AFTRA Eligible

5'4" 125lbs

Location: Atlanta, GA




The Womb                                            Lead                   The Ohemaa Project 

The Way Forward                                Lead                    Roman Jaquez

My Name is Somebody                      Lead                   Orges Bakali

Uncle Buzzy's House                          Lead                    Folded Leaf Productions

The Wait of a Feather                         Principal             Derron Campbell
The Junction                                         Lead                    Zack Morrison      
Brink                                                      Lead                    Shanna Becker / Worlds Apart Films
Growth Spurt                                       Lead                    Jason Downs
Happy People                                      Principal             Shooting Duck Productions
The Fly Room                                       Principal             Alexis Gambis
A Haunted Artist                                  Lead                   Laszlo Szremac
Seduction of Catherine Halsey          Lead                   Christopher Painter
Whisper Me a Lullaby                         Lead                    Folded Leaf Productions
Museum Scandals                               Featured            Sande Shurin
Black Ice                                                Lead                   Vassar College Film Dept.
Four                                                       Supporting         IAC Productions
Breaking Up                                         Lead                    Knights Falls Productions



Some Spanish

Pittsburghese Dialect


Drive Standard / Automatic

Motorcycle License


Ear Prompter

Valid Passport

Yoga & Body Flow



Holistic Nutrition

Life Coaching / Motivation

Basic First Aid

Writer / Director / Producer


Poppy’s House                    Crown Harris                Manhattan Repertory Theatre
Angels in America               Harper                          TVI Studios NYC
Collision With the Infinite  Andrea                          Eric Randall
The Maskerade                   The Young Lady           MoBetta Films

Family of Woodstock           Host                             Folded Leaf Productions 

Gluten Free Food Files        Host                             Folded Leaf Productions                      

B-way Show League 2016  Host                              Folded Leaf Productions

BAFF Chats                           Guest                            Big Apple Film Festival 

United Way Series               Lead                             Seven21 Media Center

Carmine's                             Guest                            Tough Guy's Productions

Unraveled                             U5                                 Peacock Productions

A Crime to Remember        U5                                 Xcon Productions



Sande Shurin Studios: Sande Shurin

The Barrow Group: Seth Barrish & Lee Brock

Patricia Stark Communications: Patricia Stark

AND Theatre: Scotty Watson, David Marx, Kristine Niven, Jeffrey Sweet

Highwire Comedy Co: Improv Workshop

The Actor’s Green Room: Jenny Ravitz, Kate Geller, Joey Montenerello, Jen Rudolph, Donna McKenna, Kim Graham

CREATE: Kristin Hanggi, Natalie Roy

Blue Horse Repertory: Lora Lee Ecobelli

Commercials: Angela Mickey

Technique: Nana Visitor

Independent Artist's Collaborative: Scene Study

TVI Studios NYC:  Rob Decina, Angel David, Valerie Kingston, John Mabry

Techniques: Transformational Acting, The Barrow Group Approach, Uta Hagen, Meisner, Stanislavski, Improvisational,

TelePrompTer, On-Air Hosting, Interview, Media Training

Production Filmography

Farming on the Flint                            Director

The Womb                                             Co-Director

Long Bending Goodbye (In devel.)    Director, Writer

Tinsel & Whine (In Development)     Writer 

Waffles (In Development)                   Writer

The Modified Life (In Development) Host, Co-Director

Home: Family Of Woodstock             Director, Producer, Writer

Good Bones                                          Director

My Name is Somebody                       Producer

Gluten Free Food Files (Season 1)     Director, Producer, Creator

Summer Salt                                         Director, Camera, Producer

Uncle Buzzy's House                           Co-Director, Producer

The Way Forward                                 Producer

Growth Spurt                                        Producer

Bottle Service                                        Consultant

Whisper Me a Lullaby                          Director, Producer, Writer

Museum Scandals                                Producer

My Friend & I                                         Producer, Assistant Director

Four                                                        Producer (as IAC)

Boxed In                                                 Producer (as IAC)

Tourism Ads, Corporate Video,

Documentaries                                     Producer, Director for Craig Miller Productions

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